(3188) Winsows needs up to 10 minutes to start

Discussion in 'Windows Virtual Machine' started by Argon, Aug 20, 2007.

  1. Argon

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    i have a problem with Parallels 2 (3188).
    When i launch Windows (XP Prof) i see up tp 10-20 minutes the screen... ehm i don't know what it is in english, ehm the blue screen with "Windows XP" und below "Windows is getting startet (?)" hope you understand what i know...

    Paralells never uses more then 10% CPU Usage, when booting never more than 2-4% (VM acceleration is high)... pls help, thats very annoying :/

    (Hope you understand my terrible english)
  2. Intersecting

    Intersecting Parallels Team

    1. Update the program. Help -> check for updates -> check now.
    2. Reinstall the Parallels Tools (usually they reinstall automatically).
  3. Argon

    Argon Bit poster

    I updated to 3214 and the tools updated too. the restart was very quick, ~10 seconds but when i switched off Windows (and startet after a few minutes again) he needed 10 minutes (hes already starting...).

    I noticed something: after the blackscreen where i see a blue loadingbar i see for 1-2 sec a error "you were unable to login" then the screen i discribed above accrued and now... i'm waiting :(

    After this screen i see a different login window, one with my usericon where i am able to login.
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