3D Acceleration in VMware Fusion (Video)

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by MBX, Feb 7, 2007.

  1. palter

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    EMC is selling 10% of VMWare to the public in an IPO as reported here.
  2. rcardona2k

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    Yes, but EMC announced yesterday they will be taking 10% of VMware to the public markets by early summer. VMware will use their IPO proceeds to "unlock EMC shareholder value, strengthen retention and recruitment, and support their open platform strategy". This is where my comment comes from...
  3. wesley

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    That's simply the first screen that pops up when you run 3DMark2001SE, IIRC. It does NOT indicate what actual DirectX capability is available within the virtual machine.

    Also, I should note that the default 'fancy' theme in Vista is now simply called 'Aero', not 'Aero Glass'.
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  4. simplicity

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    The snapshot feature in VMWare is more sophisticated than that. What you are talking about is UNDO disks which is in both VPC and VMWare (and hopefully in a future release of Parallels.) Snapshot allows a capture of a running machine. VMWare also has the ability to transfer a running machine from one server to the next without shutting down.

    It's really neat but not really practical for a consumer product. I'll be happy with UNDO disks.
  5. simplicity

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    Thanks for the note. I'm glad you were able to understand what my primitive mind was trying to express.

  6. engyew

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    OOOooooo, 3D graphics - I got to get me one of those .... :) Way to go. I am tempted ... but I'll wait for Parallels. That is the last piece of majpr functionality for me.
  7. dkp

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    Which is why I didn't bring it up. I would use it, though. So it is my mistake and that it cannot undo changes?
  8. simplicity

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    Perhaps I am the one in the wrong. I thought the snapshot functionality was strictly for moving a running virtual machine between servers, whereas the undo functionality was for the undoing of changes?

    Oh well, either way I do hope we get something similar in Parallels..

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