4560 - Shared apps not working after upgrade

Discussion in 'Windows Virtual Machine' started by dmeehan, Jul 20, 2007.

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    Just upgraded to 4560. There is a discrepancy between the Windows Apps in the VM (Vista/Bootcamp) and what is shown on the desktop. I have a Remote Desktop Connection .RDP file on my mac desktop that launches RDP in Vista to connect to a remote WinXP machine.

    After the upgrade, it tried to load Adobe Acrobat installed in the Vista VM. Obviously not right. I did a "Open with" and reset it to RDP, but it still says it will open with Adobe Acrobat. It does however load with RDP.

    A link to MS Word in the Vista VM however still works Ok.

    If I try and recreate the RDP file by dragging it from the Documents folder in Vista to the Mac Desktop, and then try and launch, it tries to load another instance of the Vista VM, not load it in the one already running.

    Is there someplace to delete and recreate the vista shared apps. After tools installation and reboot, the SmartSelect utility ran and rescanned, so I guess it got it wrong.

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