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  1. Brett_Conlon

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    I always use windows in Full-screen mode. When I move the mouse close to the top or bottom of the screen, during normal Windows use, I often find that either the Apple Menu or the Dock appears and stops me from clicking on the Windows item I'm going for. I frequently find myself fighting with the quick-appearing Mac side, when trying to access something on the windows side (like a menu item at the top or a button/setting/hidden taskbar at the bottom). Annoyingly, sometimes it takes a few attempts before I can access the windows feature. And sometimes I accidentally click on something I didn't want to click on.

    I'd love to have a Configure setting where we can set a delay on when the Apple menu or Dock appears (even by 1 or more seconds).
    I know there is a current setting to disable the Apple menu/Dock from appearing (under Configure > Options > Full Screen > Optimize full screen for games) but I don't want to completely lose access to the Apple menu and Dock when working in Windows, I just want them to show up after I have purposely left my mouse at the top/bottom.
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  2. Ashley Chumun

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    Hello Brett,
    Thank you for your feedback.
    Kindly follow the steps below to achieve your desired scenario :
    1. Launch your virtual machine
    2. Click on "Actions" menu on top of the Mac menu bar > Configure > Options > Full Screen > tick "Optimize full screen for games".
    3. While the virtual machine is active, the dock and Apple menu will be locked.
    If you would like to use the Apple Menu or the Dock, simply press the "Control" + "Option" key on your keyboard and this will make the Dock and Apple menu active again but once you start using the virtual machine, it will lock the Apple menu and Dock.
  3. Brett_Conlon

    Brett_Conlon Member

    OK, this is very helpful, THANKS! BTW, it took me a while before I understood what I needed to do. I initially thought I had to press and HOLD the keys when the mouse reached the top or bottom of the screen but neither the Menu bar or the Dock would appear, but sometimes after trying it a few times it did. I was about to give up on it (thinking it was an unreliable option), but I then realised I just had to press the keys (and let them go) to re-activate them, then once I used the Menu/Dock they locked again. I'm now happy to keep using this feature.
    But it makes me wonder how I would have learned about that feature, without you letting me know about them, and if others know about it. Can those keys be added as a tip next to the "Optimize full screen for games" feature in the Configure window? Or, going back to my earlier suggestion, if a delay feature was added, no keys would have to be pressed and it would still work.
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  4. PabloS9

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    I *strongly* agree with Brett and support his suggestion. That would make the Parallels UX more consistent and less disrupting. The current 'hack'/workaround does help a lot, but you know, it's those little details that make a huge difference.

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