"a specific machine was not found" - error

Discussion in 'Parallels Remote Application Server' started by memo, Feb 19, 2009.

  1. memo

    memo Guest

    Hello together,
    i have installed a windows server 2008 with 2x (vers. 6.2 Build 528) and a Windows XP Client with the client version of 2X.

    When I publish an application, i can see the application in the clientversion but when I open the application, I get an error "a specific machine was not found. Contact your administrator"

    All firewalls are disabled.

    What can I do?

    Thank you.

  2. nixu

    nixu Guest


    Make sure that the 2X Terminal server Agent is verified from the 2X application server Console.

  3. Tom Haskell

    Tom Haskell Guest

    An error should be logged on the 2X Console.
    That error message would be helpful.

  4. memo

    memo Guest

    hey, the error is: "Agent APPSERVER01 was disabled code 2"
  5. Tom Haskell

    Tom Haskell Guest

    restart the "2X Terminal Server Agent" service from services snap in.

  6. Tom Haskell

    Tom Haskell Guest

    check whether your antivirus is disabling the agent.

  7. mariosr98


    Hi. I had the same problem. I resolved enable Remote Connections. You probe enable that.
    In Control Panel - System - Remote you can enable that. You must add all users that are going to connect to server.

  8. Tom Haskell

    Tom Haskell Guest

    Its a MAC address security issue.

    Under 2X Console -> Farms-> Security,
    Check whether the bottom option is checked.
    If it is checked and there's no MAC address, still you will have those error messages.

  9. nick

    nick Guest

    I had the same problem when I let the 30-day trial expire. Enter your license key from the 2X ApplicationServer Console. You can even use the free 5-connection (or 3-connection) license key.
  10. Hi all,

    I've a similar problem, i've two gateways with primary and backup server.
    When i connect with 2x client an published app, if the primary gateway is unavailable then the published app is disconnected.
    I try to reconnect, the primary is down, so the 2x client try with secondary. After seconds, i receive the message A specific machine was not found.
    I try to reinstall 2X TS agent and i think it works but i'm not sure.

    Anyone can test this ?
  11. AlexanderK6

    AlexanderK6 Bit Poster

    After checking every possible thing on my servers, I was finally able to get rid of this pop up dialog by changing Tunneling Policy (Farm>Gateways>Tunneling Policy Tab).
    Switching it to "None" option fixed the issue. I switched it back to "All Servers in Site" but don't get that pop up anymore.
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  12. Maria@Parallels

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