Ability to reset QR code from Web Admin Console

Discussion in 'Parallels Remote Application Server Feature Suggestions' started by SanderM2, Apr 16, 2020.

  1. SanderM2

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    One nice feature to have for the Helpdesk team would be to be able to reset the QR Code (for Google Auth. for example) from the Web Admin Console.
  2. Eugene. K.

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    I'm happy to inform you and everyone else interested in this feature that it was just released in RAS 18.
    You can read more about the release itself here: https://www.parallels.com/products/ras/whats-new/
    And full feature description can be found in the Admin Guide: https://download.parallels.com/ras/v18/docs/en_US/Parallels-RAS-18-Management-Portal-Guide.pdf

    By the way, now the official name of this component is "RAS Management Portal" and it includes a lot of new stuff:
    Farm Settings, Site Settings and Site Defaults
    Publishing Agent
    Secure Client Gateways
    SSL Certificate Manager
    RD Session Hosts
    Publishing resources from RD Session Hosts
    Universal Printing and Scanning
    Connection Settings
    Active Directory Authentication
    Multi-Factor Authentication (Google Authenticator)
    Help and Support

    I'd like to mention that the admin using the feature must have sufficient permissions for that (power admin with the "Allow Connections Changes") at least. We will give custom admins some control over GA secrets and probably other MFA/Connections settings.

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