About to install XP on new MBP for web development, anything I need to watch out for?

Discussion in 'Installation and Configuration of Parallels Desktop' started by NeilC, Jun 25, 2007.

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    Hi Everyone

    Sorry for the noobie post, but I've had my first Mac (MBP) for the last couple of weeks, reached the point where I comfortable with OS X, and now I want to regain Windows + IE for web development purposes. I'm just eager to get Parallels installed right the first time, so looking out for tips, hints, or experiences from users who've been through the same....

    I was planning on installing XP for the moment, getting IE7, Multiple IE, FireFox and Opera installed too, and that'd probably be it. The major of the time in XP would be spent testing out sites in IE from a remote host, and also a local host installed on Mac OS X (currently using MAMP). I found a tutorial about how to get access to localhost running from the main OS whilst in the guest OS, so it looks like I'll have that covered;


    - The MBP has 2gb RAM and 160gb hard disk - how much of this should I be looking to devote to XP?

    - I'm using a Logitech RF Dinovo Keyboard and RF MX1000 mouse with the Mac - they worked just fine on my old XP machine, will I be able to use these in Parallels too?

    - I have a boxed copy of Parallels which is stated as BUILD: 24040725; should I install from the disc, or should I download a later version?

    - Finally, in the event that I need to uninstall Parallels, is it difficult to do without causing problems on the host OS?

    Any help with this is much appreciated - I was eager to get XP installed this morning, but realised I still had a few concerns that needed addressing; it's best to be well prepared!
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    In general, just be sure you don't starve either OS X or Windows for RAM. I'd start by giving Windows 512 MB and then see how 768 MB feels in contrast. A little trial and error will get you to the sweet spot.

    I can't say too much about your other questions, except that I wouldn't expect your kb/mouse to be a problem as long as they're working OK in OS X. Removing Parallels is easy. Save your .dmg. There's an uninstaller there.

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