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Discussion in 'Installation and Configuration' started by Martin Arant, Nov 11, 2008.

  1. Jason Lawrence

    Jason Lawrence

    This is ridiculous. Any time I make a chance in the VM config and restart, it can't connect to the Boot Camp drive. I'm on my 5th new VM today.
  2. Jason Lawrence

    Jason Lawrence

    Found the problem.

    -Edit /Users/<user>/Documents/Parallels/<VM Name>.pvm/config.pvs
    -In the <hdd> section, find <SystemName>
    -Change "/dev/disk0" or a similar value to the full path of the disk image in the same directory. In my case it was "/Users/<USER>/Documents/Parallels/My Boot Camp.pvm/Hitachi HTS############.hdd"
    -Restart the VM

    Why does this get overridden every time I edit the config in Parallels?
  3. eread


    Thanks for figuring that out. I need to try that when I get home tonight!

    Though, I am using Bootcamp - so I'll have to be careful.

    I tried to reconfigure the boot camp vm to try and get it to see the right disk, but it certainly won't change anything in the GUI - hacking the file is a good idea.
  4. ajmanik


    Didn't work for me


    I tried Jason's trick for fixing broken bootcamps, but sadly it did not work for me. I deleted the config and re-created from scratch. I guess the trick for now is to never edit your bootcamp/VM configuration once it is created....

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