Access VM C drive from network using "shared" network

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    I have been running Parallels in shred network mode because seems to be more stable than "bridged" mode. On my VM I have full access to Mac and to my c drive. My other PCs are connected to a wired network. My Mac sees all other computers. The other computers see and share my Mac files.

    My VM can access windows files on the other machines. BUT my other machines cannot access the C drive of the VM.

    I know that with bridged network that this works with no problem - other than the stability of the VM itself. Is there any way to network to the VM c drive via a network connection to the Mac side?

    Any feedback on this will be appreciated.

  2. Manojkumar@Parallels

    Manojkumar@Parallels Parallels Support

    Hi Neil,

    The Virtual Machine of Parallels Desktop is designed in such a way that it can access other network computers in sharing mode whereas it cannot be accessed by them in “Shared Mode”.

    You can access the Virtual Machine disk's from other Network computers, only if you are in "Bridged Mode".

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