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  1. Bit poster

    What is the process of accessing support?

    1. I am logged in and have gone to the following URL: to attempt to connect.
    2. From there, I select "log in" despite already being logged in and am routed to
    3. At this point, I see my registered products and select Parallels Desktop for Mac Standard and Pro Edition and am routed to
    4. I now select technical issues to go to
    5. I then select "Network and Parallels Tools: Fix network issues in a Windows virtual machine: KB8978" which bring me to the help article.
    6. I follow the instructions, which do not help, and have only a choice to click "Solution Helped".

    At what point do I get to actually talk to someone who can help me? Where is the chat feature referenced in step 1,

    I feel like it should not be this hard to even get to tech support, and I am being forced to go directly to the forum. Where do I go to actually request help with my networking issue (which is that shared networking fails, but bridged - default succeeds)?

    Thank you.
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  2. MichaelG84


    Same thing happening to me, sends you round and round parallels says 24hr support, chat line or email, what total lies, there is no support. Im going to stop my CC payment via my bank

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