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Discussion in 'Parallels Remote Application Server' started by JeffS23, Mar 29, 2022.

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    We have several internal web servers running on private networks. I need to give access to these servers to our telecommuters working outside the company on public networks.

    Attempts to publish internal web page on parallels server results in an attempted connection to a public server that doesn't exist.

    need assistance with configuration
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    @JeffS23 To publish a web page with parallels you have two options:
    • either publish the url (it will open on the server's default browser), or
    • publish a specific browser with the url as a command line parameter (and add application specific arguments needed)
    Publishing a specific browser works like a normal application. Publishing a url requires you to set the "Target" to the url instead of an application.
    If the url is opening with the client-side web browser, then make sure that the client-side setting "Redirect URLs to the client device" is disabled (Connection Properties > Advanced Settings). This can be enforced via RAS policies.

    To publish a specific resource (like an application or a desktop on an internal RDP server), then make sure that the client uses gateway mode. The RAS Gateway has to be publicly accessible. RAS clients will connect to it and then get proxied to the proper resource.

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