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    Having the same problems. Trying to connect to '' but can't even connect to ''. Running a Rails server on 'customdomain:3000' but can't get the VM to connect. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Solution was the same everyone else. Just use VirtualBox instead. Amazing that a free product is more capable.
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    I have an angular 6 CLI build:watch task running (--host doesn't work with build task) Mac
    So I used the IPv4 Address under: System Preference -> Network -> Advanced -> TCP/IP
    Follow that with your Port number (mine was 8080 I think the default is 4200)
    I also had shared connection within parallels - setup as default, no customisation needed.
    Hope this helps someone

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    My Machine MacOS Catalina, Macbook Pro 2018,
    Parallels Desktop 15, Ubuntu

    Issue faced with flask python server : Unable to connect / check your proxy ( host
    Shutdown the virtual machine Operating system, in my case the ubuntu
    Parallels settings for that vm OS, you can see a gear icon when you move the mouse pointer to the top
    Select Hardware and then Select Network
    Change the source to Default adapter
    Select Advanced Settings , Do not make any change to the MAC , just select the type and choose the network adapters one by one and restart your vm OS (ubuntu), one of the adapter will execute and run the flask local host server, in my case, Inter(R) Pro worked fine.
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    Not sure how helpful this will be, but I've found that by editing my hosts file on the Mac and PC as below, I'm able to load up my dev environment that would normally run at http://localhost at the http://mylocalhost URL in both Mac and Parallels Windows environments:

    first, edit your hosts file on the Mac with something like: mylocalhost #or some other custom vm name

    and then edit the hosts file on the windows machine (need to google where this is for your windows version) mylocalhost #swap in your local network ip there and whatever custom vmname you used above

    I have dockers running at ports 80 and 8080 in my dev environment on the Mac, and I'm able to review and test stuff in Internet Explorer this way.
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    Just use the to replace the localhost or
    Parallels desktop should make a switch or textbox such as "Using Mac localhost" / "Using Win default localhost".

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