Accessing Parallels Desktop 5 through Apple Remote Desktop

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Ian Davies, Apr 5, 2010.

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    I have just upgraded from version 3 to version 5. I use Parallels Desktop for browser testing, with multiple VMs set up with different combinations of IE and other browsers, and I have these all located on my MacBook Pro. Since I need to take these with me when I'm out on-site with a client, and to avoid having to duplicate all the VMs to my desktop machine when working at home, I simply access my MBP via Apple Remote Desktop, and this worked very well under version 3.

    However, since moving to version 5, I've found that a lot of keyboard input is getting "lost" over the ARD connection. When typing, anywhere between 5-20% of characters get missed, which is irritating at best, but when typing into a password field and you cannot see what has been missed, it becomes almost impossible to use.

    The problem does not occur when typing directly into the VM on the MacBook Pro, and it also does not occur when typing into any native mac apps over ARD (eg. Word, TextEdit etc.) so it is definitely just the ARD/Parallels combination.

    As mentioned, this issue was not present under version 3.
    Any help?

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