Accessing Parallels File from networked PC

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by DarylB1, Mar 24, 2015.

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    I recently swapped my PC for a new Mac Pro. With my PC, I was set up to share a Quickbooks Company file with my Windows 8.1 laptop by hosting the file on my PC and accessing it as needed through the network from my laptop.

    With my new Mac, I installed Quickbooks on my virtual machine, but I'm having trouble sharing that file located on the C drive to the network. If I try to share that through the Sharing functionality via the Mac System Prefs, I'm unable to access/select the files on the C drive.

    Is this possible to share that file with the network? Using Dropbox is not a reliable solution since the conflicted copies are a constant source of frustration.
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    Hi DarylB1,
    Please follow the steps as given below to have the settings such that you can access your C drive over the network :
    1. Open Windows Virtual Machine's Configuration Windows as in the KB article
    2. Click on Hardware --> Network 1 --> Select Type as Bridged & check how it works!

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