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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by leonielaj, Mar 27, 2007.

  1. leonielaj

    leonielaj Bit poster

    I've just bought parallels and am trying to install it but the activation key doesn't work - it says it is invalid but it is the serial number on the envelope. Any suggestions - I can't get through to customer support!
  2. Purplish

    Purplish Forum Maven

    It may take a while to get through to Parallels and get this resolved.

    In the meantime, I would suggest that you go to the Parallels website and get a trial key. This will let you use the product for 30 days or so while you get your issue resolved.

    Also, can you tell what "build" number is on your copy of Parallels? The current build is 3188, but any build back to 1970 would probably work. Unfortunately, some retail stores still have some of the older builds, which do not support the Core 2 Duo Macs.

    The solution? Download the current build from the Parallels website.
  3. lance.scs

    lance.scs Bit poster

    purplish said that it may take a while to reach support at Parallels but I think that there is no support at all, only sales. I have been trying to get the activation key I have paid for but no answer at all! The money is gone allright!

    The trial key only works If you had no prior installation of the prog and no prvious key will work with build 3188.
  4. shelbydodgeimp

    shelbydodgeimp Bit poster

    I am inclined to agree, I never got a response from my email outlying my problems with parallels.

    I wonder if the retailer I bought it from (OWC) has any idea how unsupported this product really is.
  5. Kim Peace

    Kim Peace Bit poster

    HI. I have had the same problem, and am at a loss of what to do. Oh to make a simple phone call!
    If I hear of anything that works Ill let you know, and could you do the same?
  6. Diana

    Diana Bit poster


    Please, enter your key very carefully.
    If the registration key was typed by hands, not copy-pasted, some mess is possible with the letters like "O" (alphabetical letter) and "0" (a
    "zero" digit). If you do type the key, please try copy-pasting it instead.

    If it doesn't help, please, send me a screenshot of the error message you get and the activation key where it was initially written on.

    Best regards,

  7. Dubliner14

    Dubliner14 Bit poster

    reg. key problems

    I bought my edition from Amazon, I tripple checked the number string and it comes back with a " this key appears to be invalid", if it was activated on the sellers machine, did he just send me a worthless software pack? TIA
  8. Purplish

    Purplish Forum Maven

    Activation keys are country-specific.
  9. Karen Yates

    Karen Yates Bit poster

    I am having the same problem. The activation key is not valid. Today when I tried again, a message came up to download an upgrade. Foolishly, I did that! There was no activation key provided for the upgrade, don't know if there is one. I am so frustrated I do not know what to do. I have entered the number carefully many times, careful with the number 0 and alpha o, cut and pasted the number in, tried any variation I could possibly think of. What should I do now? I purchased Windows XP, I need to use it this week. Any advice from anyone is much appreciated.

  10. Sonderpa

    Sonderpa Member

    You can try to uninstall Parallels Desktop for Mac and then install the original version.
    You should be able to activate your version of Parallels.

    There is a script that help you to uninstall.

    You can find it here:

    (I find Parallels not a pain :) )
  11. perfection

    perfection Junior Member

    I'm experiencing the same problem as well!
    I uninsalled parallels already and downloaded the latest version off parallels website and it DOESN'T WORK!!!

    Still waiting for a reply from Parallels!
  12. Ankou

    Ankou Guest

    Hello, perfection
    Did contact to support team by email?
  13. perfection

    perfection Junior Member

    Yes i have contacted them by email already! its been 2 working days and i have no reply still!!

    please help me!! thanks!!
  14. Ankou

    Ankou Guest

    Ok, I'll contact to order-support team as soon as possible.
  15. perfection

    perfection Junior Member

    How exactly am i supposed to install 3.0 ?
    I ordered the upgrade from the website and i only received the email stating the upgrading activation key.
    Am i supposed to receive another email telling me where to download the installation for 3.0 ? Cos i tried this. Open Parallels -> Help -> Activate Product -> Paste upgrade activation key.
    It doesn't work!

    HELP ME!
  16. titetanium

    titetanium Member

    Go to the home page, click on the link for Parallels Desktop.
    Just below the buy button for PD, there is a link for buying an upgrade. Try that link.
  17. perfection

    perfection Junior Member

    Thanks! That was what i needed!

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