ActiveX Won't Work!!!

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' started by billmccl, May 5, 2006.

  1. billmccl


    I have an application that will not run in Windows, delivering a message:

    Can't start

    Failed to create the DirectX device.
    Please make sure your video-card and video-driver support DirectX 8.1

    Running a MacBook Pro with 2gb RAM, latest download of beta 6 including the NIC hotfix, Windows is Windows Professional with 1Gb of RAM allocated to the VM, all of the current Windows updates. The message occurrs with any resolution in Windows.

    First problem I have had with Parallels, and I love it!

  2. junior


    Parallels Workstation uses virtual video hardware so if you need DX you should use BootCamp.
  3. jimh


    I believe that there will be some functionality in the final release but it won't be accelerated. Full screen drawing using DirectX I have been told will be implemented, who knows what else.

    As for full speed and compatibility, there has been other mention of this on Parallel's wish list for future releases, which would require a change from the current virtual video driver to a method of supporting the native hardware drivers or a version of the current one that supports hardware graphics card acceleration.
  4. dag


    So do no ActiveX applications work? I want to use the graphing on my emulated windows as I used to with Virtual PC....

    anyone know if its possible? Thanks for info.
  5. Andrew @ Parallels

    Andrew @ Parallels Parallels Developers

    ActiveX should work. The problem described in this topic comes from video and DirectX, not ActiveX.
  6. dag



    Look forward to trying.. now just need to see if I can load Paralells VM with my Windows XP that came with the Virtual PC install discs! (asked on OSX tech board....)

  7. daveef


    ActiveX, MSN Game zone,

    Ok i was trying to run Bridge on MSN Game Zone, First time all went well, and was able to play. Now i get message that gamezone was incomplete and well not run..

    So i removed The MSN Gaming Zone folder. also the ActiveX program seems to be gone

    when i look under programs in disk C, i see a folder MSN Gaming Zone still left there after i remove that program, inside it is an empty folder named windows , which i cant delete , it has nothing in it . so cant delete MSN Gaming Folder cause that folder is in it.

    I think that is why i cant reinstall MSN Gaming Folder.

    Not sure at all why ActiveX will not reinstall

    Andrew ways ActiveX should work and it did once but i am totally lost here.

    BTW works fine in BootCamp but all the files are there too

    Just wonder if anyone has tried the Bridge game on Parallels

    Please Help, Is reinstall of windows my only hope , Oh i hope not

    Thank you

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