Add Bootstrap Token support on MDM server

Discussion in 'Parallels Mac Management Feature Suggestions' started by RyanM20, May 27, 2020.

  1. RyanM20

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    Please add Bootstrap Token support on the PMM MDM server.
    This is 100% necessary so that users no longer have to type in a Secure Token users' credentials during Mobile Account creation.
    Currently, we have to watch over the user as they log into their Mac for the first time because this message appears during their account creation:
    We (IT) have to type in the credentials of the user that we create using Setup Assistant during the build process, this is the account we use for administering our Macs and are not credentials we want to give to users.
    The only options we have are:
    1. Skip the above dialog box with a configuration profile - meaning the user will not be able to enable FileVault or unlock the drive if it is already enabled
    2. Watch over the user while the login for the first time - which is not possible in all situations (especially now while people work remotely)
    Bootstrap Tokens are heavily documented online and have been supported by other MDM solutions for almost a year.
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  2. MarcusH9

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    We are hitting this roadblock also. Is there any news on whether this has been accepted as a feature request and if it is on the roadmap?


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