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    With the Windows version of SCCM we are able to see compliance baselines and extract report of configuration items in the baselines to see what is successful or failed and also by having this we can see if all things actually applied. It would be good if PMM agent had a tab for this under the settings.
    Also in the Windows version we can trigger a few actions to happen on demand:
    Application Deployment Evaluation Cycle - This is good to have in PMM also to trigger a quick check that all apps are correctly installed
    Trigger of compliance baseline (under Configurations tab) - This is good to force for example certificate or profile installations / checks

    Can we have these added to PMM in future version?

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    If an application has been deployed and installed to the Mac and then at some point the user manually uninstalls it, there seems to be no way to trigger the app to be installed again. Especially if you want to troubleshoot a specific application installation and want to repeatedly install and uninstall, it would be nice to have a manual trigger for Parallels to run detection and install any missing applications.

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