Add more display settings for running an older macOS

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How many people running a virtual MacOS would like more display choices?

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  1. Yes

  2. No, I use "stretch" and love it.

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  1. MaxL7

    MaxL7 Bit poster

    Due to apple's move to 64 bit in Catalina. I find myself wanting to run an older MacOS so I can still play my STEAM games. But I also want Catalina for other things. Upon making a virtual "Mohave", I noticed I get only one setting, and it might as well be 600X800..... I don't need 5K, but the option to have it would be great. Either way, this one setting it get is a square dimension (would be nice to have it fit the normal way (without "stretch")
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  2. alev

    alev Parallels Team

    Hi MaxL7,

    To get access to dynamic resolution feature you need to manually install Parallels Tools using menubar > Action > "Install Parallels Tools.."
    Then run the Installer from the image connected to macOS virtual machine (you will likely notice it on the Desktop, having a familiar Parallels logo)

    However there is no 3D in macOS virtual machine, so some games won't run and some will be slow.

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