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  1. WalterS2

    WalterS2 Junior Member

    It should be possible to add multiple sound devices to a windows guest. So that the guest itself can decide where to put audio on.
    Use Case: VoIP client software on windows should use the headphones, not the default speaker.

    Currently (PD13) it is still not possible to add another sound device.

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  2. MichaelW79

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    I am supporting this. For me it would be interesting in times of MS Teams and similar software where you can add a secondary ringtone which has no effect currently in guests cause all audio output is forwarded to a single device. I would like to hear ringing on my external speakers but have a call on my headphones without manually changing the devices on the Mac all the time.
  3. DavidV21

    DavidV21 Bit poster

    Parallels 18, and still not support for multiple audio devices. Parallels team, I hope you're listening! Please add the ability to configure multiple audio devices (input and output)!

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