Add real partition as USB device with abbility to dismount and connect to mac (config file?)

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    Okay, that's a problem
    We all know that mac (Lion - Parallels Desktop 9 and new versions) really doesn't support FULLY control of exfat drives (is worse in that way than windows, even hfs as read format works better on windows than on mac) and paragon software is only for reading volume (or damaging them using write option and you can make queries of files to copy using ultracopier). So I wonder how to overcome that fatal problem of macs. For now I have no problem using my exfat external drive using virtualisation, if i need to copy >20GB file I only connect it directly to mac for a while. When accidentally dismounted I need to use Windows chkdsk on it (since fsck is bad), sometimes even on mac disk (I wonder if apple couldn't make ext plugin then for their's open source at least). I have splitted my hfs volume into 3 different hfs partitions in case I want to use them as exfat volumes (on exfat volumes often .app is damaged). The disk isn't definitely failing as its suited for 24/7 and is fresh disk, on mac it has errors (no matter if 1024kb or 512kb exfat), while on windows it works perfectly. About network and NAT share... Yeah, up to 2GB usually is a go, but modern routers doesn't support even ports and I expect failures, also sometimes transfers slower than on first IDE disks.
    Now back to the question
    So how to overcome that problem? Put vm to sleep, move file so Parallels think it's shut down, go back to configure, remove bootcamp hard disk and then move sleep file again and boot. But how? Will it even work?
    Or there is method via config file?
    Connecting to other vm just to have abbility to mount that partition under desired vm?
    On other small, clean vm copying using Filezilla on NAT network - localhost to mounted partition?
    Suggest programs to overcome these problems also Unstoppable Copier. Need that info too... Maybe something to split file list into queries. I am lost and curious.

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