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    I would like to see the way Apple's software patches are presented enhanced in the following ways:
    1. Supersede older updates which are replaced by newer versions of the same update.
      1. This would allow for ADRs to generate less of a payload. Currently "Vendor like Apple" and "Superseded = No" generates over 1000 packages, which I'm not sure is even technically supported in a ConfigMgr software update group
    2. Break out software updates per product. Right now, they all show up as Vendor: Apple, Product: Apple
      1. Breaking out products would allow additional granularity on patching schedules for different software.
      2. It would also allow better control/granularity of software update groups and ADRs, where you could filter to only "Product like Mac OS X 11.13", etc.

    Just some thoughts on this: This could be done by creating a Parallels WSUS/SCUP Catalog, sort of the way that Flexera/Secunia Corporate Software Inspector works, or even as a SCUP catalog the way Shavlik or PatchMyPC are made available (the latter two would require users to manually import new updates into SCUP, sign them with their 3rd party update cert, and publish the to WSUS on a regular basis, but if it gives the ability to make this happen, it may be worth it). These would also give the ability to break out updates per product as mentioned above.

    These two items would bring Mac patching via PMM completely up to par with Windows patching in the native ConfigMgr sense.
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