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Discussion in 'Installation and Configuration' started by craigontour, Jun 25, 2007.

  1. craigontour


    I have specified a second Hard Drive in the configuration settings for my VM but Windows does not see it as E: or anything. Diskpart doesn't even see it.

    Why not?

    Using MBP 10.4.9 and Parallel 3.0 4128.

  2. jprowse


    second hard drive not appearing

    Same here. I'm using windows 98 running on OS X 10.4.9, with an 8 GB boot disk running as 0:0, a CDROM running as 0:1, and a 14.5 GB second HDD running as 1:0. I've tried running the second HDD as 0:1 as well, but that doesn't work either.

    I had some troubles accessing my CD-ROM initially, so I had to install some Intel drivers to get rid of all the yellow exclamation marks (for the 815 mobo) in my device manager, so I wonder if there's some limitation to how many drives I can use?

    I'm running version 1970 (because the new 4128 was giving me a hard time with my CD-ROM, and I'd read that downgrading to 1970 helped... I don't think it really did).

  3. Sonderpa

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    The disk has to be formatted first before Windows can see the HD.
  4. johnv

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    Please proceed to Start menu-> Run..., type diskmgmt.msc, hit Enter, after that please find your new drive, initialize and format it by means of this utility,
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