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Discussion in 'Windows Virtual Machine' started by adamcieslak, Jun 22, 2007.

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    I am having a problem getting windows to see an additional hard drive.

    Here is my setup, these are all separate physical disks, hard disk 1 has OS X, hard disk 2 is bootcamp/parallels, and hard disk 3 is unformatted.

    I want to use hard disk 3 as a regular NTFS drive, but I can't get windows to recognize it. I found where you can add additional virtual hard disks in parallels but this is not what I need. I just want it to act as a standard physical NTFS disk. Can parallels even see the other physical disks? I didn't know if this was possible so I thought I would ask for help

    Any suggestions would be great, thanks!
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    Sorry not possible.
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    I'm having a similar issue.

    Previous to the below setup I had Bootcamp on the 1TB drive with the Shared partition (FAT) on an external drive. Everything seemed to work fine. Except that I was dedicating 1TB to Bootcamp/Parallels VM which was too much. So I erased the 1TB created the 3 partitions on that drive and installed Bootcamp/Parallels VM on the Mac HD drive. See below.

    (Current setup)
    OSX Mountain Lion
    Parallels 7

    256 GB
    Macintosh HD
    Bootcamp (with Parallels using this as its VM Windows 7)

    Work partition (Mac OS journaled)
    Shared partition (FAT)
    Win Data (NTFS formatted within Bootcamp)

    2TB Time Machine
    Backs up

    Now to the problem. My intention is to be able to have access to the Shared partition (Fat) and the Win Data (NTFS) partition within Parallels works as expected in Bootcamp. When I go to "Computer" I don't see any of those drives or partitions. Oddly enough, it recognizes my Time Machine drive (which is Mac OS Journaled). Shouldn't it recognize others? Especially if they're FAT and NTFS formatted? Before I reinstalled Bootcamp/Parallels it was able to recognize the other partitions.

    Am I missing something? Is there anything that I need to do for it to recognize these drives partitions?

    Thanks, and your help is much appreciated.
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    Despite having searched extensively for the solution prior to my post. I think I've found what I needed.

    VM > Configure > Sharing > Add Folders

    Hopefully this helps someone down the road...

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