Adobe After Effects seen as additional license in Windows VM on Mac? Workaround?

Discussion in 'Windows Virtual Machine' started by BrianH25, Feb 15, 2024.

  1. BrianH25

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    Prior to setting up Parallels I installed AE on Mac Ventura. All is well. I installed AE on Windows 10. All is well.

    Then I set up Parallels on Mac and am running Windows 10 via Parallels.

    When I try to run AE on Windows via Parallels I get this message: "You've reached your device activation limit. Sign out of one of the devices."

    It lists devices as

    This device - not activated

    Desktop-RLXXXX - last launched 2 hours ago

    iMac - last launched hour ago

    I guess Windows when running via Parallels on Mac presents itself as yet another device/license? Any workaround? Any way for AE when running Windows on Parallels to use same license as AE when normally running on Windows (that is, when booted separately to Windows)?
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