Advanced IP Scanner tool (W11 VM) problem on Parallels Desktop w/ shared network/bridge

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    I usually post on forumsmacg, which maybe some of you know for all my problems I experience with my MacBook, but here it was maybe a more/too specific question regarding Parallels Desktop surely, I didn't get any answer, wherever I come to you to posting my issue on the Parallels forums, hoping your more expert eye will be able to give me an explanation of my concern.

    I asked in this section, I think it's OK but I hesitated with "Windows Guest OS Discussion".

    So let's come to the concern which looks simple (just looks) but behind it looks more complex, at least technical (a network configuration problem I suppose?).

    In my W11 VM under Parallels Desktop, I use the default network mode, probably the most appropriate and secure, for standard use (shared network). the VM has a 10.x.x.x private IP address and communicates with everything, perfect just fine.

    I use this VM for the Advanced IP Scanner tool that I love (for ergonomics), among others, unfortunately only available on Windows.
    When I scan my 192.168.1.x network with this mode, it sees the devices well but not collects all info on them (neither MAC address nor manufacturer).

    When I switch to a bridge network, it works normally and displays all the information, but we have a real base address in 192.168.1.x on the VM as well. I found this difference between network mode but running on normal Windows OS it always showed everything info like here of course.

    Quite weird that this info is missing in shared network.
    Any kind of resolutions (DNS? Other command blocked/restricted?) cannot be done?

    Do you have an idea of why and how to potentially fix it, which setting change so that everything is displayed well (I would like to stay on the shared network mode which is the default)?

    Thank you all in advance for your contribution,

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    Added screenshots in attached files, so you can see exactly what happen :)

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