Advice needed on Visual Studio 2022 and SQL Server.

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by CodeMaster, Feb 4, 2023.

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    My full job is .net development on Visual Studio 2022. It goes from writing plugins for other .net applications (which will most likely run on windows machines) to write Azure Functions and core. My environment usually is:
    1. Windows 11
    2. Visual Studio 2022
    3. SQL Server
    4. SQL Server Management Studio
    5. Docker
    Can I do it on Parallels Desktop for Mac running on a M2 MacBook Pro?
    If yes, are there any potential issues or drawbacks I should be worried about?
  2. Tharun@P

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    Hello @CodeMaster , We would like to inform you that Intel-based applications and drivers for Intel chips or hardware for Intel chips are not supported on M1/M2 chips since Apple developed theirs based on the ARM architecture. You can try the steps from this link: to troubleshoot your issue. If the issue persists, then please contact the respective application support or hardware support and check with them if their application or hardware will work on the ARM OS with the M1/M2 chip. Parallels cannot simulate an Intel application or hardware to work on the M1/M2 chip. It has to be done by the respective application or hardware provider. Thanks.
  3. YanivC

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    I used to Run Parallels on my Intel Mac and Parallels was just dying. Every update to Parallels meant a day of lost work because I had to fight with slowness. I thought switching to the M1 might be ready and for the most part its 70-30 ... I think.
    I've got Parallels running Windows 11 on my M1 with the following apps. VS 2022. SQL SSMS, Notepad++ because yes, Teams, RDP. & Office, and for the most part I can develop on the box but there are some IMPORTANT limitations.
    1. If you're running EF, the EDMX designer wont load, don't even bother. Which means that someone else needs to be able to generate the DB for you (this was almost a deal breaker for me).
    2. Data tools are not available for VS 2022 (none of the install options are even available)
    3. Can't connect to SQL server in VS2022 (fails to load visual dll - still trying to figure this one out).
    4. Azure seems to be working fine? At least for what Im doing.
    5. Publishing is working fine.
    6. VS "stalls" sometimes.
    7. STILL having constant bluetooth headaches.
    That said, I still say the pros are outweighing the cons given that I can stay in my "ecosystem" and get work done.
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  4. CodeMaster

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    Thanks, that is good o know. You mentioned you have SQL SSMS, what about SQL server? Were you able to install it as well your are you only connected to databases hosted outside your windows VM?
  5. YanivC

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    No I didn't install SSMS but remember, if you've installed VS you essentially have SQL Express installed as well. We have separate QA/Staging/Production DBs so as to remain as canonical as possible with the development.

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