After Parallels 19.1 upgrade, APFSStart error on boot of MacOS Guest

Discussion in 'macOS Virtual Machine' started by EdW6, Oct 27, 2023.

  1. EdW6


    I have a MacOS Host (Intel) that I recently upgraded from MacOS Sonoma 14.0 to 14.1. After completing that I was prompted by Parallels to upgrade to Parallels 19.1.

    I proceeded to resume a MacOS Guest which was running MacOS Sonoma 14.0. Resuming worked fine. Parallels updated Parallels Tools in the guest, and rebooted. Upon reboot I got this error:


    I figured it involved some sort of corruption I could fix using DiskUtils. So I 'Stopped' the VM and set 'Select Device on Boot':


    Attempting to reboot the device again brought up:

    I pressed a key as instructed, but it never progresses from this point.

    I don't think that it matters, but I am setting boot flags:


    Please advise.
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    I have this issue too after updating my macOS to latest Ventura. HELP my company VM is not functioning anymore.
  3. LoveV

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    Do you have FileVault enabled?

    It looks to me that while booting the macOS VM the whole content is missing to APFS and also because of that the EFI is not there so it halts. Please Parallels support dig into this issue!
  4. LoveV

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    I have restored an old TimeMachine backup from august :mad: but I see in a flash als the Parallels EFI and the "press any key..." underneath and after that my VM asks for the FileVault Password. It looks that the macOS or Parallels update introduces an EFI which can't load / decrypt the FileVault and therefor the boot is stalled. Thank god I have a backup.

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