After Parallels reinstall, VM still "sees" install CD

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  1. Vic

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    I had to reinstall Parallels a short while back. Since then I cannot get the VM to recognize any CD I put in the CD drive. Finally I noticed (I'm not super techy and I'm first and foremost a MAC person, so seemingly simple things are not always obvious to me!) that the D drive says "Parallel Tools Setup Disk."

    This explains why the program often asks me to run the Parallels Tools Installer!

    The thing is, there is no disk in the CD drive, so it is holding a ghost of the tools installer. How do I get rid of it? Prior to this problem, I was able to load CDs and have the appear on the VM. It is since I reinstalled that this ghost CD is blocking my ability to load any other CDs.

    Perhaps I ejected the Parallels Installer disk incorrectly I've tried putting the Parallels CD back into the drive and re-ejecting, but the VM is not recognizing the actual Parallels CD.

    How can I remedy this situation?????

    Thanks so much-

  2. jackybe67

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    Look at this :

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  3. Hugh Watkins

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    why reinstall?

    been using it for for over a year now no problems

    distinguish between the vm and the Parallels layer

    your VM may break but parallels is untouched

    Hugh W
  4. johnv

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    It is an ISO image [vmtools.iso] of the Parallels Tools installation CD disk.

    Please go to Parallels menu, choose Devices, select CD/DVD rom and
    click Disconnect the image, or click Default CD/DVD.

    Parallels CD with Tools will be disconnected,

    Best regards,
  5. Vic

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    Thank you!!!!!

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