After upgrade to Parallels 5, MS Outlook hangs when returning from suspended state

Discussion in 'Windows Virtual Machine' started by PatL, Jan 14, 2010.

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    This problem only surfaced for me when I did some tidying up, optimising my XP settings in the Parallels configuration area.

    To SOLVE the problem, I made sure that my first CD/DVD drive, of which I've two, was connected (i.e. ticked) to the Parallels Tools install file "prl-tools-win.iso", which I'd removed as the default during my tidy up!

    Addendum: Sorry, that was only a temporary fix. The problem returned a few days later.

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    I think you should retry opening outlook in safe mode. But beofre you open in safe mode, disable the useless add-in of your Outlook. If outlook doesn't hang in safe mode it means there is no problem with outlook. So you can use outlook normally after disable or uninstall add-in. In case, outlook still hangs in safe mode, then run Scanpst.exe to repair archive pst corrupt file.

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