After upgrade to v12, files don't sync between Host and VM (Win7)

Discussion in 'Windows Virtual Machine' started by DLAnderson, Sep 14, 2016.

  1. DLAnderson

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    Since upgrading to v12 of Desktop for Mac, (running El Capitan), files written to a shared disk from either the VM or the Mac don't show up in the other's file viewer (WinExplorer or Finder). It is possible to drag and drop between the VM and the Host, or the other way around, and then the file(s) are visible on both sides.

    This was not a problem before the upgrade to 12. I've looked at the VM config > sharing. It looks like disks are shared in both directions.

    Any suggestions?
  2. Dhana@Parallels

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    Hello DLAnderson,
    Please reinstall Parallels Tools & let us know how it goes.
    Note : Please back up your Windows before performing the steps to avoid loss of data.

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