After upgrade to v4, XP Pro extremely slow

Discussion in 'Windows Guest OS Discussion' started by villox, Nov 11, 2008.

  1. hschneider

    hschneider Kilo Poster

    Reinstalling is no option for this VM, because reconfiguring all stuff would take days. This is also no option for all my customers running currently Parallels 3.

    -- Harald
  2. Airw0lfBen


    I have the same problem.
    My XP pro gets worse from hour to hour. Rebooting every hour is not an option for me since this is my working machine.
    I didn't have the problem with parallels 3 but with this version the parallels tools crashed every few days.. so no clipboard sync for me.

    I enhanced te performance a bit by disabled the 3d acceleration and assigning only 1 cpu to the VM.
    My WinXP Pro is using my boot camp partition.

    Also re-installing the whole xp machine is not an option.

    Please fix this issue!
  3. Steve Baker

    Steve Baker

    Can you transfer machine to a new VM using Parallels Tools?
    should be faster than recreating one.

    I have 5 Win version VM's and only original that was "upgraded" from V3 to V4 is a problem

    I created a new VM XP-Pro and now cannot get PTools to work. Says they load but don't
    work. Need coherence mode for a file transfer.
  4. Rail Rogut

    Rail Rogut Bit Poster

    I have problems with the VM slowing down - and this was a fresh BootCamp VM... it seems to slow down after working for a while... akin to a memory leak problem. V2 was much faster than V4
  5. Steve Baker

    Steve Baker

    The moral of the story is not to upgrade an existing Win XP VM to V4

    If you have V4 and load new all is ok. (New install of VM)

    I would never have upgraded to V4 knowing what I know now.

    I don't use Boot Camp just Parallels and VM.

    As I stated in prior post, I don't know if P-Tools transfer will work.
    I currently need Coherence mode to test and It will not work in my
    VM of XP Pro that I want to test. Coherence works in my W7 VM's

    This V-4 upgrade slow down has been ongoing since V4 released. Now
    9 months ago (seems much longer).

    Guess this is the same reason MS will not have an
    "upgrade" path from XP to 7.

    As an aside I have an OLD XP laptop that is much easier and
    at this point significantly faster than the upgraded VM
    that I used before iMac and Parallels 2 years ago.
  6. java


    I have the same issue and could not find any reasonable solution from Parallels (go figure)

    Anyway, I reinstalled Parallels Tools and ran the compression utility and now 4.0 is much faster at an acceptable level. Back in line with the performance in 3.0

    hope this helps
  7. KellyF


    FWIW, I recently upgraded from 3.0 to 4.0 and was having a number of performance problems. In particular, Office programs were taking forever to load and/or showing up as "Not Responding". Based on some of the posts in this thread, I tried the easier path first: i) went to Control Panel and removed Parallels Internet Security and ii) reinstalled Parallels tools.

    I might be speaking too soon, but things appear to be much, much better now. I only wish that removal of the security wasn't necessary, as my Windows VM needs it more than my Mac itself.
  8. java


    I spoke too soon, version 4 is not working.
  9. KellyF


    Unfortunately, same here. My issues (in particular, Office programs would go into a "not responding" mode and never come back) started appearing again not too long after my last posting.

    It was painful to do so, but I made a new VM and did a fresh install of Windows and my Windows programs. That appears to be running well for a week or so now, so my lesson from all of this appears to be that the conversion of 3.0 VMs for use with 4.0 is the problem, not 4.0 itself.
  10. java


    I was thinking that your solutions is the next step .. start completely over. Unfortunate that Parallels service and responses are lacking, they lost a customer to their competition, we'll see how Fusion lives up to its billing. But wondering if importing the Parallels VM will create issues in Fusion.

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