After upgrade Windows XP virtual machine fails to boot with BSOD

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  1. DaTa



    If you have a problem with Windows XP virtual machine which has several CPUs and fails to boot after upgrade from Parallels Desktop version 4 to version 5, please follow the article:

    Thank you.


    Parallels 3.0 to 5.0 upgrade with existing XP Pro

    Cannot finish activation; step 3 of Parallels Tools hangs, with WinXP message that "Windows XP needs to be activated" but when I try it fails at the 'next' button, no response at all. Support (Chat & Email) have not got a fix, so far; but I live in hope!
    Seems to me that getting this software working is a big problem; the Apple agent in Brisbane charged me 100 bucks for fixing my first installation (V 3.0), saying it took over 3 hours! What chance of me getting it going?
  3. LudwigK


    Dear Sirs,

    after the upgrade to Parallels 5 I have a lot of problems.

    I have a MAC Snow Leopard host with 2 running VMs, WIN XP SP3 and WIN 7.

    After the upgrade the WIN 7 VM is not starting and the WIN XP SP3 starts under the name WIN7 experimental. Something is going wrong.

    I will send you some screenshots to explain, what happens.

    The top VM is working, but it is not WIN7, it is WIN XP SP3!!!

    If I start the lower, the following screens appear:

    If I look in the configuration for the VM , the following HDD appears:

    The size of the hdd is 0 GB, but when I open the pvm, it shows me the following hdds:

    but I can not choose any during the configuration procedure!!

    For to compare here is the content of the working VM WIN XP SP3:

    Please give me advice to use the VM WIN 7!!

    PS: How can I insert the pictures?
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