After upgrading to Mavericks, Act Mon says Windows 8 (not responding)

Discussion in 'Windows Virtual Machine' started by JoelRubio, Oct 22, 2013.

  1. JoelRubio

    JoelRubio Member

    Running PD9, Win 8.1 Pro VM, and now just upgraded to Mavericks. I have a 16GB RAM/512GB SSD MBP13 i7 late 2011 model, so plenty of horsepower there.

    Anyway, now Activity Monitor says "Windows 8 (not responding)" in red color. When in fact, it's running fine and the fan isn't even running. Mavericks bug? Windows 8 hovering around 44%, but like I said, is running fine, and I even have multiple Exchange Outlook profiles running in Outlook 2013.

    Mavericks bug or PD9 bug?

  2. ozsmac

    ozsmac Junior Member

    I'm getting the same issue, process with name of VM is coming up in red and showing "(Not Responding)". VM is still working, so not sure if this has any impact at all.

    I'm also noticing that Google Chrome Helper is also showing the same.
  3. Aleksandr

    Aleksandr Bit poster

    Same to me, works fine, but highlighted.
  4. John Podgorelec

    John Podgorelec Bit poster

    PD8, XP-Pro and just upgraded to Mavericks.
    Same problem "Not Responding" issue.

    Further, after a short time VM experienced a critical error and shut down... not sure if related.
  5. ChristophGR

    ChristophGR Bit poster

    Same here, PD9, Win 8.1, Activity Monitor says 'Windows 8 (not responding)'. Win 8 is working. Same issue with Google Chrome Helper.
  6. LiangZ

    LiangZ Member

  7. halcwb

    halcwb Junior Member

    Windows 7 also has the the not responding problem. Also, the memory consumption is quite substantial.
  8. MarcelloS

    MarcelloS Bit poster

    Same problem here with Windows 7.
    Please solve these problem immediately!!!!
    After using Parallels desktop in the last two years (and spending moneys...) I'm really thinking to give up.

    UPDATE: I've submitted a problem report with ID 30213413, but I didn't get any answer after one working day. Very disappointing!!
    @ParallelsCares what are you doing????
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  9. soundpassion

    soundpassion Bit poster

    The same issue for me too.

    Mavericks + PD9 + Win7

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  10. soundpassion

    soundpassion Bit poster

    double post, sorry.
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  11. GeraldFi

    GeraldFi Junior Member

    The same is true with PD8 on Mavericks, running either Win7, Windows Server 2008 or Windows Server 2012
  12. GrizzlyAdams

    GrizzlyAdams Member

    Same issue with PD9 + Mavericks with Linux VMs. I am running two VMs, Ubuntu 13.04 and Mint 15 and both report (not responding) in Activity Monitor so this is not a Windows-specific issue. The VMs seem to be running normally however.

    Activity Monitor (All Processes) 2013-10-27 10-28-44.jpg
  13. EllwoodN

    EllwoodN Hunter

    Add me to the list as well. Also, as many others here have pointed out, there is
    no change in in VM operation as well as Mac side of things. No slow downs hangs
    or anything else.
  14. KristoferN

    KristoferN Bit poster

    Same here.

    Screen Shot 2013-10-28 at 09.59.50.png

    CASEYBAY Bit poster

    Parallels "not responding" even though it seems to be running normally

    I have the same issue with Parallels 8- Mavericks- Win8.1
  16. abovesociety

    abovesociety Bit poster

    Same symptom - Late 2013 MBP Retina
  17. PerryInNL

    PerryInNL Bit poster

    I'm running a late model 2012 iMac with Mavericks and Desktop 9. I have Windows 8.1 and Ubuntu Linux 32 installed and running. Activity Monitor is reporting both as "(Not Responding)". CPU wise Linux is using 12.9% and Windows 8.9%.

    Another issue, somewhat unrelated, is that I found a bug in the Dock feature of Parallels whereby if I reset the "Open With..." applications using the following command;

    /System/Library/Frameworks/CoreServices.framework/Frameworks/LaunchServices.framework/Support/lsregister -kill -r -domain local -domain system -domain user

    Then all the Dock entries under Parallels get reset to. This is not Parallels fault as I am correcting another issue. Mac rarely has issues. However in my case I am using an external SSD and have to unmount my internal HDD as it causes everything to slow down intermittently. The thing is that if Parallels could regenerate the Docks applications when I reset it in the Configure option that would be great. Just wanted to point this out. As for the "(Not Responding)" issue, I am sure this is just a hiccup typical of any major OS upgrade.

    By the way, I think Parallels Desktop 9 is a fine fine product and well over due. Because of Parallels I can now develop multi platform applications realistically by having each platform running on my system at the same time. I find Parallels to be even better than repartitioning the hard disk. Way way better actually.

    Way to go Parallels !!

    Perry Anderson
    Unified Objects, Inc.
  18. John Crighton

    John Crighton Bit poster

    Same issue. 2013 MBA, 8GB, PD9, Win7 Enterprise. VM works fine, but Activity Monitor reports the CPU time very high, and shows it as (Not Responding)
  19. MarcelloS

    MarcelloS Bit poster

    No answer from @ParallelsCares.
    Do they have a communication problem?
    They just released a new build, but it seems to me that both the Not Responding and CPU overload problems are still here!!!!
    Now the latest build is 9.0.23140 Update w/
  20. Andrew@Parallels

    Andrew@Parallels Parallels Team

    Hello MarcelloS,
    We are checking your problem report ID with the development team.

    All - please post your problem report ID's here, it will help to find a solution sooner:

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