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Discussion in 'Parallels Toolbox for Mac' started by LesleyM1, Nov 23, 2017.

  1. LesleyM1

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    My husband and I have each purchased the stand alone version of Parallels 13.

    On his Mac Mini, he's running Windows 8.1
    Parallels Desktop 13 for Mac V. 13.2.0 (43213)

    After installing Parallels 13, his tools in Parallels Toolbox (Version 2.0.2 (1213) )includes only:
    Record Screen
    Take Screenshots
    Convert Video
    Do Not Disturb
    Do Not Sleep
    Download Video
    Eject Volumes
    Hide Desktop
    Lock Screen
    Mute Microphone
    Record Audio

    However on my MacBook Air, I'm running Windows 10 and I have all those tools above including ones to Capture Area etc. the new ones such as Clean Drive and Make GIF. My Parallels Toolbox is 2.0.2 (1213), Parallel Desktop 13 for Mac Ver. 13.1.1 (43120)

    Since we're running the same version of Toolbox, why are we seeing two different toolboxes? Is that because of the version of windows we're running?


  2. Alfena@Parallels

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  3. AlainN1

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    Same problem : I just update from permanent PD12 to permanent PD13 and the new tools of Parallels Toolbox are not showing up.
    I already follow the steps provided at but it doesn't change anything. (I can't sign out because I've got a permanent license). What am I supposed to do ?
    Thank's for helping


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  4. Meenakshi@Parallels

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    Hello AlainN1, please follow as suggested below:
    1. Quit Parallels Toolbox (click on the Parallels Toolbox icon in the Mac menu bar, then on the cogwheel icon in the upper right corner within the application interface and select 'Quit Parallels Toolbox' from the menu that appears).
    2. Remove Parallels Toolbox license manually from - launch Terminal (from the Finder menu, navigate to Go -> Utilities -> Terminal) and, inside the Terminal window, execute: defaults remove ~/Library/Preferences/
    3. Launch Parallels Toolbox again.
    If the issue persist:
    1. Click on 'Parallels Desktop' in the Parallels Desktop menu on the upper left and select 'Account & License...'. In the window that appears, click on the e-mail address displayed in the upper right corner and select 'Sign Out'. Then, sign back into your Parallels account within the wizard and re-activate the copy with your license key.
    2. Then, quit Parallels Toolbox and restart it (it should auto-activate in 2 minutes) and check if this works. Thanks!
  5. AlainN1

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    OK thank's .
    I removed manually the file. (I'm not very found of the Terminal app.).. and re launch.. and after entering my last license key... let's have a look.. yesss it's there ! I can see the new tools.
    Thank's for your reactivity
  6. Meenakshi@Parallels

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    You're welcome. Glad to know that you were able to sort out the issue.Please get back to us for any further queries.Thanks!
  7. RadjinG

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    I just removed the license.plist file and re-entered my license code for Parallels 13, When I click Activate I get the message "This Product Key is already registered to your Parallels account". Any idea how I can fix it?
  8. Meenakshi@Parallels

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    Hello RadjinG, Please check your private message and provide us with the necessary details.Thanks!

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