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    I would like to suggest an alternate mode / option for how mouse focus is handled.
    Currently, when the mouse is configured as "Don't optimize for games", mouse focus automatically moves to Parallels as soon as the mouse hovers over the window, even if it is in the background. This means that clicking into the window not only activates and raises the window to the foreground, but also filters into the guest OS and has effects there. This is contrary to common mac OS semantics, where clicking anywhere in a background window only raises it to the foreground without triggering secondary events. As a long time mac OS user, the current handling is frequently causing unintended and sometimes difficult to undo consequences in the guest OS.

    When the mouse is configured as "Optimize for games", an explicit click is required to capture the mouse and this event is not forwarded to the guest OS (ie. this is the same as native Mac OS apps). However, "Optimize for games" requires an explicit key combination to release the mouse which can be tedious when frequently switching between the host and guest OS.

    My proposal is to add an additional option to "Don't optimize for games" where the explicit click to activate (as in 'Optimize for games') can be enabled.

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