Allow selection of specific Displays instead of "Use All Displays"

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    As a professional user, I often use 3 (or more) displays. It would be extremely helpful if I could have Windows in Full Screen Mode, only use selected specific displays, rather than "all". There are times when I need to keep a window showing Mac desktop and want (need) to reduce the video overhead in Windows. I have tried going in to Windows display manager and telling it not to use a display but find that the setting is largely ignored or results in a very unstable display. I think it would be far better if Windows didn't even know about the display the extra display by having Parallels hide it...
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    I've been using PD for some time now and I was wondering if it would be a possibility, like USB devices to select which monitors to use in full screen? My configuration now uses my MacBook Pro opened and I would like my Windows 10 VM to just use 2 Apple Cinema displays in "full screen".

    What do you guys think? Could this be useful to you?
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    Yes, you can visit our Facebook Page and get support.

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