Alt + right and alt + left arrow doesn't work as expected.

Discussion in 'Windows Virtual Machine' started by AmbrogioR, Jul 22, 2021.

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    Hello everybody. I've been using Parallels for a few days now and I'm finding it really good in terms of fluidity and speed. I installed Windows 10 and was able to get everything working. The only little thing I can't get to work is the combination of alt + left arrow and alt+ right arrow keys. I specify that I am blind, so I make heavy use of the keyboard. This key combination is useful for me to go back and forward in web browsing. I noticed that if I hit this combination, which using mac equals to option and left arrow, Parallels executes control alt left arrow or right arrow. Is there any way to make Parallels not behave like this anymore?
    I specify that I am sure that the problem does not come from the Mac but from Parallels itself.
    Thank you.

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