Alternative to Coherence: "simulate two monitors on one monitor"

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    I've been using Coherence mode for some time, and found it to be both advantageous and disadvantageous. I've been thinkin what could be done to improve user experience and I came up with the following idea:

    One day was using my iPad as a "Sidecar" (like second monitor). I was able to MOVE a windows application (NOT coherence) onto the sidecar. So it was possible to have TWO separate areas that had Windows applications, WITHOUT using coherence. I had all the benefits like the taskbar and a real Windows OS desktop, and no issues with artifacts and other small inconveniences that come with Coherence, even though Coherence has been implemented very nicely.
    I was then thinking: Suppose I did NOT have the iPad, but could still "MOVE" a windows application out of the Parallels VM windows into a SECOND Parallels VM window - both of which could be moved around and handled just like any other Mac app - also with one being in Fullscreen and the other not, of course, for example. Such that the second Parallels Window would be perceive bei the GUEST OS (Windows) as if it were a second monitor.
    I could then continue to work with everything as I please:
    - use windows Desktop (Taskbar etc.)
    - use some Windows apps in Fullscreen, some alongside Mac apps (by using the second Paralells window side by side a Mac App).

    Personally I would find this the most convenient "best of both worlds" scenario.

    (Please comment/upvote if you find this of interest) :)
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