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    According to a customer, the "save password" option does not work as desired. We have defined a policy. The client also applies this correctly. After an initial login on a system and logout, the password is never requested again. Not even after a longer absence. Apparently this was not the case before version 19. After logging out of a system, the password was always required for further access. Unfortunately, I can no longer check this myself, as we always use the latest version, so I'm asking for more details here, as I can't blindly trust customer statements.

    Is there an "always ask for password when accessing" option? An additional option would be useful here to define the period of validity of the credentials. To explain this with an example:
    If "Bob" logs into the Parallels client and urgently needs to go somewhere else before accessing a system, the credentials expire after X minutes and the access data must be entered again.

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