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    Felling a little frustrated, after finding myself in a phone conversation with a millennial at the local computer shop, when trying to plan my next computer move..
    I have been using a mac as a workstation for twelve years now, but I am not a graphic designer, I'm an engineer. As such several applications in daily use require a windows platform, couple that together with the fact that my business can't afford to eternally upgrade and this finds me running two virtual windows machines under 10.13.6.

    Way back when, in a time before windows 10, I used bootcamp, but continually shutting the machine down to change operating systems didn't have legs..

    Parallels allows me to run windows XP (where all the friendly stuff is) and Windows 10 (because you have to move with some developers..).

    Things work, but the kettle goes on a lot around here.. What could be the most effective Apple computer to handle the challenges of daily life..? The millennial was curt and succinct, as they tend to be: they seize upon a word or phrase in what you have said and spit the definitive answer back at you: buy a PC..


    I feel like a freak on my own planet..

    Am I the only person who is trying to keep all the balls in the air in this manner...?

    I know that generally CPU clock speed is king and that the RAM you give away to each virtual machine is gone when you give it away, but I have recently read and then confirmed in the Parallels control centre that a number of processors are assigned to each VM..

    Is it reasonable that in order to use a Mac as a workstation in this manner (all VMs on plus a CAD program full time, among other things) one must have a multicore machine (12 as a start..?) with the RAM maxed out, so it may be dispensed as required...? Or don't even get out of bed..

    Or do I indeed need to buy a PC..... (very small room this one, possibly not enough room for two computers and me at the same time...)

    thanks guys,


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