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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by drjohn, May 6, 2007.

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    Hello Folks.

    I do Windows at gunpoint. However, I'm in the medical field, and these days, the gun is often at my head.

    I spent a marathon two hours on the phone to tech support getting another problem fixed. At the end, he said," You know what? Go into Home Folder. Do you see that ______file in your [either applications or library] folder? All you need to do is back that up onto a DVD, and if something goes wrong, all you have to do is drop that right in there, and you have a perfect virutal machine, ready to go."

    I was so tired at the end of a grueling week, I forgot to note what that file is.

    Does anybody know what it is? Two hours on the phone is a long time, for anybody.

  2. constant

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    That depends on what host OS you are using.

    The devil in me, says Mac OSX.
  3. joem

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    If you are on a Mac, your virtual machine is on your hard disk in ~/library/parallels
    where ~ stands for the root of your user area in /users. There will be a directory in the indicated Parallels folder for each VM. In that folder will be one or more files with the extension .hdd, and a .pvs file, and perhaps others. Back up that entire folder, and you have a clone of your virtual machine. I back mine up whenever it's changed enough that I don't want to do it over.

    The VM should not be running during the backup.

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