Android app unable to connect to RDP whilst Bluetooth tethered

Discussion in 'Parallels Client for Android' started by Mauro6, Aug 17, 2022.

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    Ever since the Android app was re-branded Parallels Client, it can only connect when the available network is either mobile Cellular or WiFi. When the device is tethered via Bluetooth (to utilize the internet connection of another device), Parallels Client says "Cannot connect to the server. There is no network connection". But there is a network connection! While tethered, all my other apps (e.g. web browsers, social apps) work just fine, except for Parallels Client.

    Why doesn't Parallels client recognize a Bluetooth tethered connection as a valid network connection?

    With the older '2X Client' app (which I still have installed), it connects just fine regardless of the available network connection (mobile cellular, WiFi and Bluetooth tethering).

    I have the latest Parallels Client 18.2 installed and the issue still persists. The developers need to fix this. I'm sure there are other users out there who run Parallels Client on their tablet, which they tether to a smartphone when away from WiFi.

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