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Discussion in 'Parallels Client for Android' started by PedroF2, Oct 29, 2020.

  1. PedroF2

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    I'm using your Android Client to make a standard rdp conection, I'm also using a android device android 9.
    until now all is working well in the first tests.
    now that I'm preparing for deployment, and found problem. I will be using an app locker, or kiosk mode app, to avoid user from going around the device, they will only have acess to the Parallels client, but i would like to avoid them from creating new conection.
    is ther any way to have a shortcut directly for the RDP conection that I created, and this way don't give acess to creating a new conection?
    also my app locker needs the:
    Packadge Name in this case its "com.parallels.client", I have use also the Activity Name " com.parallels.access.ui.welcome.WelcomeActivity", but alows to go to the Welcome menu , and create a new conection. is there any other way?
    is there an Admin mode to lock the option of creating a new conection.
    best regards, thanks in advance
  2. Eugene. K.

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    Ho Pedro,
    we have client policies that allow controlling features available on the client. There is one policy that will work for you:

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