Android Client to Weaved service connection fails

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    Hi to All.

    I'm having some troubles connecting an android 2x client, via standard RDP connection to my linux server, which has a xrdp daemon running. To avoid the port forwarding (3389) on my router I'm using a service from Weaved - internet of things for everyone, which connects to my xrdp daemon through a predefined host for example:
    host =

    This works very nicely from my laptop, where I installed 2x RDP client for windows (portable) - the only difference here is, that I'm using also an http proxy configuration, because my laptop is behind a secure DMZ and a company firewall.
    Please find the attached picture.

    When I try the same thing (without a http proxy), from a wifi-network with ANDROID RDP client on my smartphone (I tried several different wifi networks as well as the mobile-ISP provider network) I get the error

    1b/00010007 The server could not be found.

    There is no error in my xrdp daemon (which is running on port 3389) to which the Weaved service connects and exposes the service through, because it works very nicely, when connecting with 2x windows rdp client from my laptop.

    What am I missing in android 2x rdp client, that it does not work?
    Anybody had the same issue?
    Many thanks for any answer.

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