Android VM - How do I change device resolution?

Discussion in 'Other Virtual machines' started by jkwuc89, Aug 25, 2014.

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    Using Parallels Desktop 10, I created a new Android VM using the downloadable VM. After starting the VM, I noticed that the screen resolution ratio is set to 4:3. Nearly all Android tablets have a screen resolution ratio of 16:10. Is there any way I can change the screen resolution used by the Android VM?
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    Not all video modes are supported, only 16 bit modes seem to work correctly.
    Change video mode until next android boot:
    1. In grub menu hit 'e' with boot option selected
    2. In option edit menu hit 'e' on the line that starts with "kernel ..."
    3. Append to that line option "vga=0xXXX", where XXX is one of VBE modes (putting invalid value that is more than 0x357 e.g. "vga=0xFFF" boot to pause and allows listing all availible VBE modes and selecting one interactively)
    4. VM will boot with selected video mode.

    Change video mode permanently:
    - from host
    1. Mount android VM virtual disk (located inside .pvm) with Parallels mounter.
    2. Edit menu.lst file that is located at /Volumes/.PEVolumes/<VM name>/grub/menu.lst
    3. Unmount virtual disk.
    4. Changes will apply at next VM start.

    - from inside VM
    1. Boot to debug mode.
    2. Execute commands
    mkdir /boot
    mount /dev/block/sda1 /boot
    vi /boot/grub/menu.lst
    3. This will open grub configuration file with vi editor
    4. You can edit any of the options, appending vga=0xXXX to "kernel …" line or create new option with desired video mode.
    5. Hit Ctrl-D two times after file modification to continue boot.
    6. After next reboot VM will start with selected video mode.
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    What? I don't understand what you're saying here. All I got is this on my screen:
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    Vi is a CLI text editor which might not be very intuitive to deal at first, but it's the only one available via CLI in Android, it's also on your Mac, so you can practice there, you should probably Google for it and look for a 'vi cheat sheet'.
    Navigate with the arrows on your keyboard, press 'i' for entering insert mode (you can only edit text in insert mode), press esc to get out of insert mode, type :wq, which means: write and quit.

    While you are in Google mode, Google for Grub and its options.

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