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Discussion in 'Installation and Configuration' started by Andreas van dem Helge, Nov 25, 2010.

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  1. I bought Parallels box from Newegg at the end of October when they had it for $65. I've been using it since then with Windows XP mainly to use Microsoft Outlook and everything is working great, except every few times (3rd? 5th?) I launch the virtual machine it will pause, show a pop up window asking me to register with Parallels and the virtual machine doesn't load until I cancel out of there.

    I have no desire to register my copy of Parallels, and I don't see the way to disable this pop up! It gives me two options "Don't register" and "Remind me later." I've never clicked remind me later... why does it keep on reminding me? Might I need to register, which is required to run updates, to get the update that is needed to fix this bug? The installation process already applied the newest update when I installed the software, oddly enough that didn't require a registration.
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    Dear Andreas,

    Registration of Parallels Desktop is done for your convenience. It allows you to get automatic updates and get technical support.

    Note that once you register Parallels Desktop 6, you get 30 days of free phone and chat support and free email suppot till March 2012.

    Moreover, registration allows you to be sure that your actiavtion key is kept in a safe place and in case you loose, you will be able to easily find it.
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    500 licenses and tired of pop-ups

    There are messages on this forum and across the internet about this going back 2 years.

    FYI I am the Mac Sys Admin for a school district and we have 500 licenses. We have had 500 licenses going back to v.4

    These pop-ups have become especially aggravating in 6. The Activation key is "registered" to the CTO and anyone who tries to do this process fails. Not too mention that my users should not have to put up with an "incomplete" deployment from me.

    There needs to be a way for enterprise clients to disable registration & permanently disable invitations for Kaspersky in Windows. We have a terrible issue with teachers who have installed Kaspersky from Parallels on top of the district provided AV solution.

    We originally chose Parallels for the vm from Boot Camp feature and better performance, but frankly VirtualBox is less of a headache and cost for me to deploy.

    You need to fix this or you will lose 500 licenses at renewal time.

    And yes I have called support on several occasions. I just checked back in to the issue to see if you had changed anything yet, it is disappointing but not surprising that you have not.
  4. I've been suspending the state of my Windows XP virtual machine and I have not seen the pop-up ads.

    I also wish to report that I've needed to virtualize Linux on our MacOS X server. Instead of purchasing a copy of Parallels for that use I've used VirtualBox.
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    Hi StephenS43,

    Please follow the steps as suggested at to remove bad entries in the host files which may help you in resolving the issue.

    Also follow the steps as suggested at

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