Any possibility to run Win XP under Parallels 16 on a M2 Macbook?

Discussion in 'Parallels Desktop on a Mac with Apple silicon' started by DanielH19, Sep 12, 2023.

  1. DanielH19

    DanielH19 Bit poster

    Dear all,
    I´ve installed Parallels 16 on my new MacBook Air (M2, 16GB).
    It may be a bit unusual, but besides Windows 11 (running smoothly) I would also like to have a virtual machine with XP.
    However, I have not been able to set this up, and unfortunately I don't quite understand the error message (it says I need an ARM-based ISO file).
    Are Parallels 16, M2 processors and Windows XP fundamentally incompatible, or is there a workaround that will allow me to use XP after all?

    Thanks in advance,
  2. SamS4

    SamS4 Hunter

    No, there is no way to past versions of Windows designed for the Intel X86-based architecture on an ARM device.
  3. MatthewR20

    MatthewR20 Most valuable person

    Parallels Desktop for Macs with Apple silicon only supports ARM operating systems. Windows XP is an x68 operating system.
  4. DanielH19

    DanielH19 Bit poster

    Dear Guys,

    thanks for your prompt and unambiguous answers. I understand that I'll have to come up with a solution other than installing Windows XP under Parallels.

    As a relative layman, I do not understand whether this is due to the Parallels software, or the processor architecture of my Macbook - but it does not matter: I do not necessarily need to know who to be angry at :)

    After spending almost 2000 Euros for the new Macbook, 100 Euros for Parallels and another 130 Euros for the Windows 11 license, I might as well pay the 20 Bucks for some ancient 486 notebook from ebay, running XP :cool:
  5. Aries@PF

    Aries@PF Hunter

    You'd want to look it up, but I vaguely recall XP having an ARM version. Again, you'd have to Find said version (probably a license key) and I still don't know how Parallels 16 would react on the M series device. I'd test it in demo of Parallels first IF you find an ARM XP. Also keep in mind that the software you're trying to run would then need to be compiled to run on ARM as well. So there's a lot of conditions for sure.
  6. DanielH19

    DanielH19 Bit poster

    Hi Michael,
    I haven't heard of "UTM" yet, but I just read up a bit about it on the internet and installed the software.
    Unfortunately, I won't have access to my XP installation CD for the next week, but when I'm back home, I'll give the emulation a try! The only software I need XP for is really not very demanding in terms of graphics or general speed. I'm curious - thanks for the tip!

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