Any updates on Chrome OS?

Discussion in 'Other Virtual machines' started by eisnerguy1, Feb 7, 2013.

  1. eisnerguy1

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    So, I decided to download Chrome OS in Parallels and it's build 14.0.844.0 but, the official version is up to 24(?) as of now:

    Any chance of getting a newer version?

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  2. SakibS

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  3. Specimen

    Specimen Product Expert

    Google Chrome IS NOT Chrome OS.

    You seem to like to answer to posts with simple one-liners and an URL and often the answers don't have nothing to do with the problem, like in this case. Please pay more attention.
  4. StirlingT

    StirlingT Bit poster

    Any update on getting a new version of Chromium/ChromeOS? THere are very significant changes between version 14 and the latest versions...
  5. mrdtudz

    mrdtudz Bit poster

    Need an Update too

    Yep, im a web developer and I would like to test rendering/performance in native chrome OS on the latest version...this thread has over 2000 views so obviously people are looking... can we get an update from parallels please?
  6. cdhinton

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    I want to add my voice to this - I need a way to evaluate Chrome OS for my work and thought Parallels would be the ideal way to do it, but it's not great evaluating on a version that's so far behind the current release.
  7. mb01915

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    Mr Parallels expert. Instead of being pissy why not answer the question. When will the chromium os be updated to the current version rather than stuck in the dark ages with a 14.something release?

    Try to be helpful for a change.
  8. Eugene@Parallels

    Eugene@Parallels Banned


    Thank you all for the questions.

    Official supported version of Chrome OS virtual machines by Parallels Desktop 9 is 14.0.834.0 (93888) for the current moment. Further versions support is discussing by our Product Maintenance Team.
  9. Steven Scotten

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    I don't want to be too harsh, but this is a pattern with Parallels products. You offer new versions for sale frequently and advertise how awesome you are to include features provided by open source software, and then rarely if ever actually update the available versions of the software for which you hype the features. This is true with Parallels Panel/Plesk/Virtuozzo where it becomes a huge security risk unless one goes "off script" and starts manually maintaining the packages on the virtual machine. And then, what's the point of having Parallels? You consistently have software packages that are three or four or five years out of date.

    You take our money every nine or ten months; we deserve better than outdated packages that you don't have to pay for anyway.

    (Yes, I know that it takes effort to keep things up to date: I have to do that effort myself and I have to put in a lot more work than I normally would because I have to tapdance around your systems. Hence my proposed slogan: "Parallels Panel: if you think Linux system administration is just too easy." And yes, I know, this is about Parallels Desktop. I'm just pointing out that providing ChromeOS from 2011 is part of your corporate pathology.)
  10. BenediktM

    BenediktM Bit poster

    Steven your right 1+!

    I would appreciate a updated ChromeOS version too!

  11. JacquelineK

    JacquelineK Bit poster

    +1 Would love if ChromeOS was updated. In its current state there are a lot of graphical issues. Please update this Paralells. Thank you.
  12. Specimen

    Specimen Product Expert

    You can all use this instead, you can convert the VMware image to Parallels :

    The problem seems to be no one e is really actively making chrome os builds, but that's the most up to date, 1 and half year old.

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