Anybody try Windows 7 SP1 yet?

Discussion in 'Windows Virtual Machine' started by DoniK, Feb 23, 2011.

  1. DoniK

    DoniK Hunter

    If so, how's it working for you and which Parallels build are you running? Thanks
  2. PCTiger

    PCTiger Bit poster

    Hosed me. System would no longer boot. Booted into safe mode, am uninstalling it now.
  3. D-an-W

    D-an-W Member

    Working fine so far here...
  4. thisisjess

    thisisjess Junior Member

    good here.

    I updated my 64 bit virtual and she seems to be fine. putting it through its paces now.
  5. lnemo

    lnemo Hunter

    No problem here (32 bit).
  6. emental

    emental Junior Member

    7 SP1 32-bit works fine for me. Build 11994.
  7. ronaande

    ronaande Member

    Windows 7 SP1 32 Bit Ultimate with Parallels Build 6.0.11994 (Revision 637263; February 17, 2011)... Install went without any problems and the VM has been running well ever since the update yesterday evening. No problems here as of yet.
  8. DoniK

    DoniK Hunter

    Thanks everyone for the feedback. I just upgraded from 11828 to 11994 today so will wait for that to be stable for a few days and then will take the SP1 plunge.
  9. Kathleen R

    Kathleen R Member

    Not installed yet Parallels 5 build 9344

    Now this makes me wonder. Windows usually automatically updates--last on 3-8. I see an important 1 waiting--SP1 with it showing a date of 3-15. I have Windows 7 64 bit installed in bootcamp as my virtual machine. (bootcamp partion set up & windows installed by Microsoft store). Mac OS 10.6.6

    Last week apparently Windows was installing updates at the same time that I had told Apple to go ahead & install. Maybe I should change the Windows update preferences to prompt me. I didn't even realize Windows was updating until prompted to shut down by the Mac to complete the installation. So I went to shut down windows & close Parallels but Windows was busy installing stuff so I had to wait. Probably not good to be doing both at the same time.

    & I wish Parallels 5 check for updates would actually work (unless somehow build 9344 is the latest that applies to my MacBookPro
    Model Name: MacBook Pro
    Model Identifier: MacBookPro7,1
    Processor Name: Intel Core 2 Duo
    Processor Speed: 2.4 GHz
  10. KevG

    KevG Bit poster

    I just installed SP1 and now I can no longer access shared folders on my Mac. I've uninstalled and reinstalled Parallel tools and still no luck. Removing SP1 to see if that helps.
  11. gpsmapper

    gpsmapper Bit poster

    Fatal error

    I just installed Windows 7 SP 1 and am now getting Fatel Error C0000034 applying update operation 236 of 78732. Any idea how to recover, remove SP1, boot into Safe Mode, etc.?

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